Metal Jacketed Gaskets (RS5)


Metal Jacketed Gaskets (RS5)

Metal Jacketed Gaskets (RS5)

Metal Jacket Gaskets are the most basic type of semi-metallic gaskets combing the high pressure suitability and blow out

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Basic Info
Model NO. RS5
Performance Temperature
Shape O-Ring
Standard Standard
Style Single, Double
Filler Material Graphite,PTFE,Cnaf,Ceramic
Metal Material Carbon Steel, Soft Iron,316,304
Transport Package Wooden Case
Specification ISO9001
Trademark RILSON
Origin Ningbo
Production Capacity 100, 000PCS/Month
Product Description
Metal Jacket Gaskets are the most basic type of semi-metallic gaskets combing the high pressure suitability and blow out resistance of metallic materials with improved compressibility of soft materials. Metal jacketed gaskets offer an economical seal where sealing faces are narrow and can be produced in a variety of shapes, making them a good option for heat exchangers jointing.

Jacketed Gaskets:
A great many styles of jacketed gaskets are available. Among the most requested are the single jacketed, the double jacketed, the single jacketed overlap, the double jacketed corrugated, and the double jacketed corrugated with corrugated metal filler.

Single Jacketed:
Generally used where the radial dimensions of the equipment sealing surfaces only allow space for a narrow width seal. Single jacketed gaskets are constructed by encasing the soft filler material on one face and both edges.

Double Jacketed:
The double jacketed gasket has good compressibility and resilience and is the most popular clad gasket manufactured.

Single Jacketed Overlap:
Construction of this gasket offers more filler protection than the standard single jacketed design. It is especially useful for applications where the radial dimensions do not allow space for a double jacketed gasket.

Double Jacketed Corrugated:
This gasket employs a corrugated jacket to increase resilience. It is suited for circular and non-circular applications in widths of 3/8" and wider. If slight leakage should occur across the primary seal at the inner edge of the gasket, the concentric corrugations act as labyrinth seals.

Double Jacketed Corrugated with Corrugated Metal Filler:
This unique multi-ply construction provides a more resilient gasket that adapts well to temperature and pressure cycling problems. The temperature limits of this gasket are governed only by the metal selected.