API R/Bx/Rx Rtj Ring Joint Gasket (RS2)


API R/Bx/Rx Rtj Ring Joint Gasket (RS2)

API R/Bx/Rx Rtj Ring Joint Gasket (RS2)

Rilson manufactures and supplies a large variety of ring joint gaskets. The RTJ standard size gaskets are manufactured i

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Basic Info
Model NO. RS2
Performance Can Do
Shape O-Ring
Standard Standard
Shape (for Gasket) Ring Gasket
Size 1/2"--36"
Service 24h
Supplier 15 Years of Manufacturing Experience
Certificate ISO, TUV, SGS
Transport Package Wooden Cases
Specification Standard, As per customers′ request
Trademark Rilson
Origin China
HS Code 84841000
Production Capacity 10000 Pieces/Week
Product Description

Octagonal,Oval,BX type,RX type,IX type and Lens Ring Joint Gaskets

Rilson manufactures and supplies a large variety of ring joint gaskets. The RTJ standard size gaskets are manufactured in accordance to API-6A and ASME B16.20 specifications. Rilson is licensed by the American Petroleum Institute (API).Products Description Octagonal Ring Joint Gaskets (Style No: RS2-Ra) and Oval Ring Joint Gaskets(Style No: RS2-Rb)Ring joint gaskets come in two basic types, an oval cross section and an octagonal cross section. These basic shapes are used in pressures up to 10,000 psi (64 MPa). The dimensions are standard- ized and require specially grooved flanges. The octagonal cross section has a higher sealing efficiency than the oval and would be the preferred gasket. However, only the oval cross section can be used in the old type round bottom groove. The newer flat bottom groove design will accept either the oval or the octagonal cross section. The sealing surfaces on the ring joint grooves must be smoothly finished to 63 micro inches and be free of objectionable ridges, tool or chatter marks. RTJ assemblies seal by an initial line contact or an edging action as the compressive forces are applied. The hardness of the ring should always be less than the hardness of the flanges to prevent flange deformation.Dimensions for standard ring joint gaskets and grooves are covered in ASME B16.20 and API 6A, API 17D and ASME B16.5/B16.20.RX Ring Joint Gaskets(Style No: RS2-RX)RX Ring Designations for API 6B FlangesRX ring gaskets are similar in shape to the standard octagonal ring joint gasket but their cross section is designed to takeadvantage of the contained fluid pressure in effecting a seal. They are made to API 6A and interchangeable with standard octagonal rings for oil field drilling and production applications in API 6B flanges. RX is used at pressures up to 15,000 psi (103 MPa).Standard sizes are stocked in low carbon steel, 304 and 316.BX Ring Joint Gaskets (Style No: RS2-BX)BX Ring Designations for API 6BX FlangesThe BX ring gasket differs from the standard oval or octagonal shape since it is square in cross section and tapers in each corner. All BX ring type joints incorporate a pressure passage hole to allow for pressure equalization each side of the sealing faces. On assembly, metal to metal contact of the flange faces is achieved. They can only be used in API 6BX flanges. BX is used at pressures up to 15,000 psi. Standard sizes are stocked in low carbon steel, 304 and 316.IX Ring Joint Gaskets (Style No: RS2-IX)The metal ring joint gasket is made of metal material by forging and heat treatment and machining . IX Seal Rings are designed and used where NORSOK CFC(Compact Flange Connections) are in use. The rings come in three different kinds of steel and are coated with PTFE in varying colors in order to distinguish between them (Standard identification NORSOK) The designed or materials shall be selected, so that main sealing ares can not be subject to corrosion.Typical minimum yield stress and ultimate stress of the seal ring material shall at maximum design temperature be 300MPa and 360MPa, respectively, in order to allow for reasonably elastic spring-back. Lower strength may be used, but is not recommended. The user is responsible for selecting a seal ring material which is suitable for the service medium and the design temperature conditions. Seal ring materials are commonly chosen to be compatible with the flange material, I.e. Duplex seal ring in duplex flange.