Hard Mouse Pads vs. Cloth Mouse Pads: Which Is Right for You?


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Jun 04, 2023

Hard Mouse Pads vs. Cloth Mouse Pads: Which Is Right for You?

Your mouse pad can affect your game. Hard mouse pads have been the hype in the

Your mouse pad can affect your game.

Hard mouse pads have been the hype in the battle royale gaming community for the past two years, with many new brands popping up and introducing wild innovations like ceramic, metal, and even glass mouse pads.

However, hard mouse pads aren't for everyone. You should consider these things when picking between a hard mouse pad and a cloth mouse pad so you don't regret your choice.

The mouse pad isn't just something you rest your mouse on when you're gaming. While they aren't as important as the quality of the mouse itself, choosing the right one can help improve your gaming experience. But before we explain how you can choose the right one for you, first note the key differences between cloth and hard mouse pads.

Hard mouse pads are usually "faster", as in having less friction, than cloth pads. Because of their hard and smooth surface, it can almost feel like you're swiping your mouse on nothing. They can also be made from glass, ceramic, metal, or plastic.

On the other hand, cloth mouse pads are typically made from synthetic fabrics such as polyester. How the fabric is woven can also vary and affect the friction coefficient. Some weaves provide a smooth surface with low friction, while others have a higher friction surface for greater control.

You should also note that your sensitivity may change slightly because your mouse pad type can cause DPI deviation. Learn more about DPI deviation if you're worried about how it will affect your aim and sensitivity.

Hard mouse pads aren't suitable for everyone, so many still prefer cloth ones. However, they do offer certain advantages for certain types of games. Here are the pros and cons of using hard mouse pads.

Cloth mouse pads have been the standard ever since mouse pads were created. Cloth mouse pads have been used for over 20 years in the gaming industry and still hold most of the market share. Despite that, cloth mouse pads still have their pros and cons.

Any decent mouse pad will always be better than using your mouse directly on your desk. However, it is also essential to pick the right one for the types of games you play and where you use it. Here are a few things to consider when choosing between them.

If you enjoy playing high "time-to-kill" games like Apex Legends and the Sniper Elite franchise, chances are those require you to stay on target and track your target smoothly. If so, we suggest hard pads or speed cloth pads. Being as smooth as possible will help you stay on target for longer, which is essential for tracking games.

If you enjoy low time-to-kill games, CS: GO, where precision and stopping a flick quickly are key, then you want a controlled cloth pad with a little bit more friction. This also helps hold angles as the higher friction makes your aim more stable.

If you like to go to LAN parties or bring your peripherals for events or hangouts, then a cloth mouse pad would be more convenient. However, if you stay at home and don't want to go through the process of washing a mouse pad, a hard pad is very easy to clean.

If you're not committed to playing games that require a lot of tracking aim, a controlled, medium-friction control pad may be the safest option for you. Many will find hard pads a little too smooth that it becomes hard to control their mouse. Unless you plan to commit to getting used to it or just want the convenience of easy cleaning, we'd suggest a well-reviewed cloth mouse pad.

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