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May 01, 2023

Top Picks for the Best Sunday Golf Bag: Lightweight and Stylish Options

The best Sunday golf bags offer an alternative to the club carriers that most

The best Sunday golf bags offer an alternative to the club carriers that most golfers lug to the links. Today's standard golf bags are usually lightweight, made of some mix of plastic, polyester, aluminum, nylon, orlon, moron, or any other sort of "-on" material. Still, that golf bag becomes a burden once you add 14 clubs, golf balls, tees, towels, a rangefinder, and a water bottle.

A good Sunday golf bag trims that load down to essentials. Designed for shorter par-3 courses or executive tracks (courses without par-5 holes), a Sunday bag holds fewer clubs and has smaller pockets and compartments. You put your shoulder in a Sunday golf bag when you don't need your driver, fairway woods, and hybrids. You choose such a carrier when walking a short 18 or the traditional nine holes without a caddie, and you want to give your shoulder a break.

The tradition of Sunday golf bags is alive and well at both the major manufacturers and newer companies driving golf technology and style. This collection of options covers the bases of cost, aesthetics, and function to help you select the best Sunday golf bag for your game.

Best short stand: Callaway PAR3 Stand BagBest bang for your buck: Sunday Golf Loma BagBest style: Original Jones KodiakBest adaptable: Stitch SL Sunday Golf BagBest technology: Vessel Sunday III StandBest for fashion: Ping MoonliteBest for toughness: TaylorMade Quiver Stand BagBest lightweight: Titleist Stars & Stripes Carry BagBest for additional clubs: Cobra Ultralight Sunday BagBest classic: Sun Mountain Leather Sunday Bag

We enjoy a good walking round and love a par-3 course (whether nine or 18 holes), so we have experience hefting a Sunday golf bag. In fact, one of our testers has a par-3 course within biking distance of his front door, so he can attest to the usefulness of a Sunday bag when cycling to the course.

Beyond personal experience, we relied on our knowledge of the manufacturers and their build qualities. Finally, we let the consumers advise on occasion. Wherever possible, we reviewed customer reviews and comments on the retail pages of Sunday golf bag makers.

All of our market picks are independently selected and curated by the editorial team. If you buy a linked product, GOLF.COM may earn a fee. Pricing may vary.

Benefits Reliable manufacturer— Good all-arounder— Good price

Drawbacks— Fewer pockets than some models

You could find a better-looking Sunday golf bag. You can locate models that offer more pockets. You might even snag a lighter bag. Still, the Callaway PAR3 Stand Bag is a close-to-perfect all-arounder type of golf accessory that covers all the basics.

It's the right weight. It has enough pockets. Its dividers will serve just fine. It's made of modern fabrics that stand up well to the occasional walking golf round. It has two straps for comfortable wear. Its stand is lower to the ground, but it’ll keep the Callaway bag off the wet ground. You can call it the Goldilocks bag.

Weight: 3 lbs | Divider: 3 | Pockets: 4 | Stand: Yes

Benefits Lightweight— Affordable— 14 color options

Drawbacks— Only holds 6 clubs

The most stripped-down Sunday golf bag in this collection, this Loma Bag weighs less than 2 pounds out of the box. Even in its skinny dimensions, the Loma packs four pockets in its two-divider frame (including a Frosty Pocket for a cold beverage).

Only able to hold six clubs, the Sunday Golf Loma Bag is really intended for short par-3 courses on which drivers and fairway woods are unnecessary. It's not designed for heavier duty than that. Still, with its modern aesthetics and sound build quality, it's a bargain at less than $130.

Weight: 1.95 lbs | Divider: 2 | Pockets: 4 | Stand: Yes

Benefits Retro aesthetic— Well-made— 6 pockets

Drawbacks— Not real leather— Folds easily

Animals lovers can play golf with a clear conscience knowing this Jones bag uses vegan leather — a substitute for the real deal. Still, that stylish retro leather look of the Jones Kodiak adds a touch of sophistication to any golfer in their loop. Well-made and available bespoke with personalized options if you’re willing to wait, the Kodiak has six pockets and a familiar three-divider top.

The only drawback to this Kodiak design is it relies on your clubs for its structural integrity. In other words, if you remove your sticks from the bag, it sags without the supportive metal or plastic frame that other bags offer. That's a throwback to golf bags of old and a small price to pay for style.

Weight: 4 lbs | Divider: 3 | Pockets: 6 | Stand: No

Benefits Removable spine— Good styling— Water-repellant nylon fabric

Drawbacks— 1 all-purpose pocket— Not a stand bag

Like a lot of items in Stitch's combined collection of apparel and accessories, the SL Sunday Golf Bag has a sleek look. Its modern style progressive aesthetic will turn heads on the course. Besides its appearance, the Stitch SL is a simple entry. With just one divider, one all-purpose pocket, and no stand, it's bare bones but effective.

Meanwhile, the interesting trick here is that the SL can transform from its full-size golf bag shape to a more manageable, foldable, and storable form with its removable spine feature. Since it's not a stand bag and must rest on the turf between shots, it's made of water-repellent nylon — a fabric that should store well when collapsed.

Weight: Varies with removable spine | Divider: 1 | Pockets: 1 | Stand: No

Benefits Advanced materials— Magnetic pocket— Waterproof construction

Drawbacks— Expensive— Heavier than most

Vessel makes upscale golf bags across its line, so you’ll pay more for its Sunday III at almost $300, but the manufacturer doesn't mess around with design or materials.

With five pockets in its three-divider frame, this stand bag is made of what Vessel terms "tour grade" synthetic leather and an antimicrobial lining in its various pockets in case of any moisture. Vessel throws in carbon fiber stand legs, too, because it can.

The magnetic pocket looks after any items you need to access frequently, such as a rangefinder. That pocket and the four others are all waterproofed. Finally, the rotators on the bag's bottom that provide stability for the stand bag is a unique patented design found only in Vessel bags.

Weight: 4.5 lbs | Divider: 3 | Pockets: 5 | Stand: Yes

Benefits Good styling— Lightweight— Can hold 14 clubs

Drawbacks— Not a stand bag

Sometimes, a golf accessory appeals just because it looks good. That's the case with the Ping Moonlite. No matter which of the four color and pattern combinations you choose, you end up with a style-forward, eye-catching Sunday golf bag to take to any course.

Still lightweight at only 2.5 pounds, the ergonomics of the Ping Moonlite allow it to carry a complete set of 14 clubs if you choose. However, its compact dimensions and over-the-shoulder design make it ideal for Sunday bag use. It's not a stand bag, so it’ll get to know the ground often. Fortunately, its padded construction should keep your clubs squared away.

Weight: 2.5 lbs | Divider: 4 | Pockets: 5 | Stand: No

Benefits Crush-resistant structure— Affordable— 6 total pockets

Drawbacks— Heavier than some models

The monochrome styling might be simple, but this TaylorMade Quiver Stand Bag is tough enough to weather countless rounds with its thick divider frame and crush-resistant construction. While other bags here (such as the Original Jones Kodiak) have trouble standing up independently, this Quiver dares you to try and dent it.

While heavier than some models at 3 pounds, the Quiver uses its strong frame to hold six pockets, including a beverage holder. With no posted limit on the number of clubs, this TaylorMade model can stand in for a full-size bag, if needed.

Weight: 3 lbs | Divider: 3 | Pockets: 6 | Stand: Yes

Benefits One of the lightest weights on our list— Affordable— Reliable build quality

Drawbacks— Not a stand bag— Bold styling

It's fair to say there are lighter bags in this collection, such as the Loma, under 2 pounds. Still, at just a tick above that 2-pound mark, the Titleist Stars & Stripes Carry Bag offers all of the necessary features with the Titleist name and build quality behind it. You get a standard two-divider design with three pockets you can use as you like.

It's not a stand bag, but it's made well enough in the Titleist factories that laying it on the ground won't do much damage. As for the patriotic styling, season to taste. If that doesn't work for you, that's fair enough. Fortunately, the flag design is fairly subtle along the bag's flank.

Weight: 2.1 lbs | Divider: 2 | Pockets: 3 | Stand: No

Benefits Can serve as a full-size bag— Affordable— Includes rare features

Drawbacks— Heavier than most— Simpler polyester material

Of all the Sunday golf carriers in this collection, this Cobra Ultralight Sunday Bag is the best candidate for combined use as a full-time accessory. Weighing a little more than some of the entrants here at 3.8 pounds, the Cobra's dimensions and three-way divider allow you to carry the full, USGA-allowed 14 clubs. It might be a little cramped, but this could be a full-size golf bag in a pinch.

In its Sunday golf bag form, the Cobra Ultralight includes features most of its rivals lack. There's a larger apparel pocket for your jacket or rain gear and a mesh space to hold a water bottle. Its simple polyester construction might not hold up very long with regular use, but it’ll serve well as your occasional Sunday bag.

Weight: 3.8 lbs | Divider: 3 | Pockets: 5 | Stand: Yes

Benefits Real leather— Good build quality— Classy look

Drawbacks— Expensive— Not a stand bag

This is the only bag in this collection made of real leather, giving you a classy look while walking the golf course. While other options on the market use vegan leather, vinyl, or some other substitute, this Sun Mountain bag is genuine leather wrapped — giving it a throwback look to golf's eras passed.

Inside that tanned, bovine skin are velour-lined pockets, including a deep one for your valuables. Unfortunately, it's a pure carry bag without a stand. That means you’ll have to settle your $400+ leather bag down on the ground. As for that price, it's a hard reality that you’ll pay for leather and velour in a golf product.

Weight: 4.5 lbs | Divider: 4 | Pockets: 3 | Stand: No

The best Sunday golf bag is a specific golf accessory designed for part-time use. It shouldn't replace your traditional, full-size club carrier — standing in only when you’re going to walk a shorter golf course or perhaps an easier nine holes without significant length.

First, consider if you enjoy playing the sort of courses the Sunday golf bag is designed to serve. If you tend to ignore par-3 courses or shorter 18s without par-5 holes, you’re addicted to the full-length, championship-style tracks. You can stick with your full golf bag. If you do enjoy a shorter golf trek now and then, you should pick up one of the best Sunday golf bags based on a few simple factors.

Most Sunday golf bags from major manufacturers list between $100 and $300, with a few running north due to using more precious materials. If you’re looking for functionalism, the price will stay more reasonable. If the style is important, be prepared to pay more.

It's all about weight with the best Sunday golf bags. Their entire purpose is to take a load off you and enable more comfortable, less tiring ambling along the course. Whether the design uses a single strap, dual strap, or backpack-style rig for transport, make sure the lighter burden feels workable on your shoulder or back.

In golf bags, smaller construction and less weight could add up to more vulnerable pockets and seams. Fortunately, in most golf bags these days, more advanced materials mean golf bags, big or small, can hold up through many rounds, even if walking.

While you can use them for walking full-length, par-72-style courses, Sunday golf bags are primarily designed for shorter courses such as par-3 runs or executive courses without longer par-5 holes. With that in mind, the average Sunday bag for shorter play includes the irons, wedges, and putter.

It takes a load off your shoulders, quite literally. The design of a Sunday golf bag removes weight and bulk from your course walking experience. You pack it with just the bare essentials for a shorter round of golf and move without 20 or 30 pounds of equipment across your back.

The quick answer is, "Whatever you need." However, you don't want to overdo your short golf round packing and short-circuit the entire point of using a Sunday golf bag. If you’re going to walk a more limited round of golf on a shorter course, pack only the clubs you’ll need (sans driver and longer fairway clubs) and just enough balls and tees to get you by that par-3 or executive course.

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