Make your iPad Pro more productive with PITAKA PitaFlow and MagEZ Case Pro's wireless charging


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Jul 25, 2023

Make your iPad Pro more productive with PITAKA PitaFlow and MagEZ Case Pro's wireless charging

PITAKA PitaFlow for iPad Pro offers a wide ecosystem of magnetic accessories to

PITAKA PitaFlow for iPad Pro offers a wide ecosystem of magnetic accessories to make working with your new iPad Pro seamless and more efficient, and introduce wireless charging to Apple's largest tablets. Here's how.

We know that the iPad is a fantastic tool for working, and the iPad Pro is great as a mobile workhorse. However, getting real work done on tablets isn't as smooth as it could be.

To help make things easier for iPad owners, PITAKA created the PitaFlow for Tablets, a collection of accessories and items that use magnets to make working at home or at the office simpler.

There's a big opportunity to add wireless charging to the iPad Pro, something Apple has yet to implement for itself. The MagEZ Case Pro uses PITAKA's contact-based charging system embedded into the case and the MagEZ Charging Stand.

Not only can you protect and wireless charge your iPad Pro with a case like the MagEZ Case Pro, but you can use it to connect to other accessories in the range, such as the MagEZ Folio.

The MagEZ Case Pro is a protective iPad Pro case that works with the rest of the PitaFlow accessory system. Housing magnets in strategic locations, it is able to work with the other accessories, including the MagEZ Charging Stand and the MagEZ Folio, while still remaining fully compatible with the Apple Magic Keyboard. It's both highly portable and productive.

While Apple didn't add wireless charging to the iPad Pro, you can do so yourself with the MagEZ Case Pro. In the "X" in the rear are points that line up with contacts on the MagEZ Charging Stand, so it can regain power while being held in perfect view.

After an initial trial on cases for the iPad mini 6, occupying the USB-C port for charging limited its access for other uses. However, changes were made by PITAKA's technical department to make it even easier to use.

The MagEZ Case Pro has the Type-C port covered for wireless charging functionality. Simply remove the cover to use the Type-C port when needed.

There are also numerous color options for the case's design, which can inject a little more personality into the appearance of the iPad Pro for its users.

Compatible with 2021 and 2022 models of iPad Pro, the MagEZ Case Pro costs $89.99.

If you're using the smaller iPad mini, the MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6 offers many similar benefits as the iPad Pro version. Made with durable Aramid fiber, it includes impact-resistant airbags around all corners.

The case also includes magnets so you can attach it to the MagEZ Charging Stand. For incredible convenience, there's also wireless charging enabled with the accessory when using the case and the included PitaFlow charger.

You'll also get a detachable Apple Pencil clip, so you can easily carry around the stylus.

The MagEZ Case Pro for iPad mini 6 costs $79.

PITAKA also offers a similar case, the MagEZ Case 2, which doesn't have the X charging module on the back

and doesn't support wireless charging with the charging stand. Other than that, it works the same as the MagEZ Case Pro.

The MagEZ Case 2 is priced at $79.

If you want to elevate your iPad Pro to eye level to improve ergonomics, you can get it done with the MagEZ Charging Stand. The MagEZCharging Stand is a raised-mount, so it can hold your iPad at a comfortable eye level — which is also handy if you want to turn it into a monitor or just want to stream something while you work.

The MagEZ Case Pro for the iPad Pro can attach magnetically to the MagEZ Stand, without any fiddly clips or distracting ledges. Supporting landscape and portrait orientations, it also has an adjustable vertical angle, going from -5 degrees to 32.5 degrees.

If you use the MagEZ Case Pro with the MagEZ Charging Stand, you can provide power to the connected iPad Pro while it's held in plain view, without resorting to attaching a USB-C cable.

To make the MagEZ Charging Stand even more useful, the base also has a built-in Qi wireless charger, so you can place your iPhone on charge while you do work on the iPad Pro.

The MagEZ Charging Stand costs $129.

The MagEZ Stand is similar to the MagEZ Charging Stand in many respects. While you don't have the contact charging element to wirelessly charge the attached iPad Pro, you still have the rest of the capabilities.

That includes the -5 degree to 32.5 degree adjustable vertical angle, at eye level to be as ergonomic as possible. It also works in both landscape and portrait orientations.

While you can't charge your iPad Pro wirelessly using the case, you can still recharge an iPhone or AirPods using the built-in Qi wireless charging base.

The MagEZ Stand is available for $99.

The MagEZ folio is designed to attach to the iPad Pro, connecting with magnets for quick-to-apply protection. Its built-in magnets also enable the automatic sleep and wake feature of the iPad, so you don't need to manually turn the screen on or off.

The MagEZ Folio also provides clear access to the side of the iPad Pro, enabling accessories like the Apple Pencil to connect with ease. It also has an open-sided design for smooth attachment to the case.

The MagEZ Folio is ideal for situations such as if you were working with the MagEZ Charging Stand and suddenly wanted to take the iPad outdoors. Just slip it into the MagEZ Folio without removing the case.

You can get the MagEZ Folio for $39.99.

If you use the Magic Keyboard with your iPad Pro, the FlipBook Case for iPad is a great option. It is a case for both the iPad Pro and Magic Keyboard, that can be carried around as a bag.

Designed with premium durable Carbitex OmniFlex Carbon Fiber fabric and leather, it provides a classic business style.

The bag opens up like a book to reveal the Magic Keyboard and iPad Pro combo, making it even easier to get going, get working, and get out quick if you have to. Everything also folds together once the bag closes, so you don't need to deal with zipping or packing the iPad away.

There's also space for small items like glasses or keys, meaning the case really is a bag.

The FlipBook Case for iPad is $89.

The PitaFlow for tablets system provides users with two key features to keep everyone productive and working.

Enabling a smooth connection can help create a personalized experience. With the extensive use of magnets, the charger, iPad stands, and folio allows users to seamlessly switch between them, without removing the case.

Making the tablet experience friction-free can help users get the most out of it all.

The inclusion of the wireless charging base in the MagEZ Stand for iPad Pro offers a convenient way to top up the battery of your iPhone, AirPods Pro, or other hardware. Just as you finish a project, you'll find your other personal electronics at full power and ready to take on the rest of the day.

Most of PITAKA's products, including the new PitaFlow are available through Amazon. During the launch period, the MagEZ Case Pro is available directly from PITAKA.

Budding designers take note — PITAKA is inviting everyone to play with its Fusion Weaving technology, and to use it to create the next Aramid fiber case on Dribble. You can submit designs inspired by the technique, with the chance to win prizes.

The grand prize winner will receive a 2022 12.9-inch iPad Pro, a Magic Keyboard, a Pencil 2, and the PITAKA PitaFlow for Tablets system. Other prizes include the iPhone 14 Pro, iPad mini 6, and gift cards.

The contest runs from November 7 to November 21.